Kook in Barrel Seven Trees Coffee
Kook in Barrel Seven Trees Coffee
Kook in Barrel Seven Trees Coffee

Kook in Barrel - Single Origin Organic Mexican Arabica

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Chocolate | Toffee | Vanilla 

Strength: 5/5

Introducing Kook in Barrel, a premium Mexican Organic coffee that will delight your taste buds. With a smooth toffee and buttery flavor, this coffee also boasts notes of dark cacao and roasted nuts, and leaves a subtle aftertaste of green apple. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of Kook in Barrel, a 100% Mexican Organic coffee sourced from the Pluma Region at an altitude of 1300 MASL. This coffee is mostly shade grown and full of flavor, making it the perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs.

Chocolate | Toffee | Vanilla 

COUNTRY: 100% Mexican Organic

REGION: Pluma Region


CULTIVAR: Mexican Organic

PROCESSING: Mostly Shade Grown, Fully Washed, Sun Dried 

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Espresso Recipe: 

Dose: 22-25g

Yield: 34-43g

Time: 25-30s

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