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NEW Gabbi Darbal - Single Origin Tanzanian 250g
NEW Gabbi Darbal - Single Origin Tanzanian 250g

NEW Gabbi Darbal - Single Origin Tanzanian 250g

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Mandurah's Own Coffee

Strength: 4/5

Gabbi Darbal: Estuary; place where salt and fresh waters mix. 

In light of Mandurah winning Tourism Town Of The Year 2023, we have crafted a perfect roast to show our towns expression. A more muted acidity than other coffees, notes of unique spices, wine, and hints of chocolate along with blackberries and light cedar. Where savory meets refreshing, bold meets forgiving and flavor meets sensation. As is the name, so is the blend. Mandurah's very own slice of Seven Trees.


Spice | Wine | Blackberry


COUNTRY: Tanzanian 

REGION: Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

ALTITUDE: 1400 - 2000 MASL

CULTIVAR: Arabica 


(See below for more information) 

Espresso Recipe: 

Dose: 22-25g

Yield: 34-43g

Time: 25-30s


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